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Discovers the Exclusive Customer
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Trade Database Based on Big Data
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iTrader Efficient Use of Trade Data


Global Trade Data

Smart Query by Product, Company, HS Code

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Internet Data

Search Data in 141 Countries Around the World


Industry Product Report

Industry Analysis , Product Report on Demand


Product Features

Real-time Business Monitoring
We provide smart push real-time messages on news from your buyers, suppliers, customers, and competitors, and monitor your business 24/7.
One-click Buyer Search
You can search for 141 countries customer information and download 130 million industry wise buyers records from iTrader(including buyer name, phone, email, facebook, etc.)
Accurate Market Analysis
Our 10 billion+ dynamic database is the solid database for your market analysis, and our 17 visualization reports provide accurate market positioning analysis.
In-depth Investigation
We are working with global business data providers, which provide us 121 million companies data, covering corporate, executive, financial and industry data.
Bulk Email Marketing
We have professional mail group sending system, smart email template, mail sending management and communication tool to improve 64% customer utilization
Light Customer Management
We establish a Main&Sub Accounts system through scientific and lightweight customer management system to prevent customers losing from staff turnover,


Multi-Dimensional Comprehensive
Accurate Market analysis, High Value Areas
Buyer Analysis,Increase Exploration Success Rate
Industry analysis, timely strategy to market growth
Massive Database
Provide 100+ Billion Data
140 countries internet buyer
121 Million In-depth Enterprise
130 Million Buyer
Professional and Teams
Independent Research and Development Technical Team
Professional After-sales Service Team
Authoritative Expert Strategy Team
Intelligent Visualized
Intelligent monitoring
Quick Download
19 Types of Reports


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