Elite Recruitment

We are looking for you,the one may not be necessarily with glittering resume, but must have excellent skills; the one with uniqiue version and aesthetic appreciation; the one with pursuit of perfection.

Tendata is engaged in big data in a great development trend.It's an opportunity you can't miss to make a difference. Please send your resume to

Experience: 2+ years
Location: Chengdu
1. Participate in project needs analysis;
2. Participate in web page design;
3. Implement module functions according to work schedule and programming specifications;
4. Responsible for system bugs, function repairs, and system performance optimization;
5. Participate in database design and interface design;
Job requirements:
1. 2 year experience in web development work;
2. Proficient in WEB front-end development, independently use HTML, CSS, Javascript to achieve front-end functions;
3. Familiar with VueJs, Webpack;
4. Excited about Web performance optimization, and willing to delve into the realization of front-end effects;
5. Understand the syntax and performance tuning of NoSQL databases such as mongodb and elasticsearch;
6. Love software development, coding basic skills, good code programming style and reconstruction habits;
7. Have a sense of teamwork and responsibility, be willing to meet challenges, and be able to adapt to heavier work pressures;
8. With Nodejs development experience is preferred
Experience: not required
Location: Chengdu
1. Confirmation of needs for overseas missions;
2. Screening quality overseas local marketing service personnels;
3. Assigning overseas marketing tasks;
4. Process monitoring and supervision of overseas missions to ensure completion rate is achieved;
Job requirements:
1. English CET-6 or above or similar level, and good level of oral communication;
2. A strong sense of service responsibility and positive values;
3. Cheerful, good at communication, strong heart, good resistance to stress, and goal-oriented;
4. Relevant external market, customer service, business and other experience are preferred;
5. Each service has performance bonus, social security and provident fund.
Work location: 8th Floor, Tencent Building, Tianfu 3rd Street, High-tech Zone, Chengdu.
Experience: 1-3 years / college
Location: Shanghai
1. Collect and sort customer information (no performance indicators);
2. Track customers and dig customer needs;
3. Maintain the business of existing customers and dig customer's potential demand;
4. Communicate regularly with cooperative customers to establish a good and long-term cooperative relationship;
1. College degree or above;
2. Smooth expression, clear thinking and fluent Mandarin;
3. Full of enthusiasm for sales work, 1-3 years of sales experience, experience in foreign trade industry is prefered;
4. Have teamwork ability, strong sense of responsibility and strong ability to withstand pressure;
Enjoy team performance, Enjoy team performance commission.