We are looking for you,the one may not be necessarily with glittering resume, but must have excellent skills; the one with uniqiue version and aesthetic appreciation; the one with pursuit of perfection.

Tendata is engaged in big data in a great development trend.It's an opportunity you can't miss to make a difference. Please send your resume to

Experience: 5+ years / Undergraduate
Location: Shanghai
1. According to the strategic development goals of the company, research and select the target market, organize the preparation of the annual market development plan, and report to the marketing director for approval;
2. Actively implement market development plans to expand the influence of enterprises in the market;
3. Collect industry information in a timely manner, and track information and changes in technology and market in the same industry home and abroad;
4. Understand the news in the same industry, market and product marketing movement, competitors' status, organize and analyze documents various information;
5. Unified planning and organizing internal public relations activities, expanding media cooperation, and improving the market share of enterprise products through public relations activities and image communication;
6. Organize the implementation of brand promotion activities, establish the reputation of the enterprise product brand in the target customer groups;
7. Prepare various budgets for market development in a timely manner and report to the company for approval;
8. Control the expenditure of various expenses in market development, minimize market development costs and save enterprise management costs;
9. Responsible for guiding, managing and supervising the business work of the personnel of the department;
10. Guide and participate in the training, assessment and other work of the staff of the department.
The ability of the marketing manager:
1. Market trends in relevant industries and understanding the technical knowledge of the products;
2. Keen market observation and market analysis capabilities;
3. Strong communication and coordination, innovation and learning ability;
4. Public relations capabilities;
5. Rich media resources;
6. Leadership management skills;
7. Ability to execute, the strength of the execution ability is related to the progress of the work, affecting the completion of the goal.
Marketing manager qualifications:
1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing, economics, management, etc.;
2. More than 2.5 years experience in marketing and more than 3 years experiences in market management;
3. Professional market knowledge and the understanding of the development trends of the market;
4. Familiarity to the technical knowledge of the company's products;
5. Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;
6. Team spirit and good professional ethics.
Experience: 5+ years /College
Location: Shanghai
1. Assign detailed design work of the function module;
2. Participate in the development of big data platform, data mining, complete module coding, testing, and related documentation work;
3. Focus on the optimal design of database and system performance;
4. Requirements analysis, system design work, complete system requirements analysis, design specification writing;
5. Responsible for completing various design documents as required and participating in development;
1. College degree or above in computer science or related majors;
2. More than 5 year experience of JAVA development, familiar with struts, spring, Hibernate and other mainstream architecture, familiar with Mysql, MongoDB and other mainstream databases, familiar with data caching, load balancing and other technologies, familiar with mainstream data mining tools such as Hadoop;
3. Having good object-oriented design, analysis ability, standardized programming style;
4. More than 3 year experience in application and platform development;
5. Positive work attitude and strong sense of responsibility;
Salary benefits:
-- Enjoy Shanghai social insurance such as pension insurance and medical insurance;
-- In addition to legal holidays, all employees can also enjoy vacations such as paid annual leave and paid sick leave;
-- Enjoy holiday, birthday and other holiday greetings/gifts, travel, expansion, and internal enterta
Experience: 3+ years / undergraduate
Location: Shanghai
1. Participate in the development and implementation of company data mining algorithms;
2. Apply data mining, machine learning, natural language processing and other technologies to model massive information and mine data values;
3. Build a massive data crawler and search engine platform to provide data support to the company's innovative products;
4. Research leading edge algorithms and productize the latest research results.
1. Bachelor degree or above in computer sciences or related major, with the ability to analyze massive data using spark/hadoop/hive;
2. Flexibly master at least one high-level programming language in Java/R/Python/SAS with practical project development experience;
3. Have a deep understanding and practical experience in basic algorithms such as data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing;
4. Experience in large search engines, recommendation systems, advertising systems, etc. is preferred;
5. Excellent independent analysis and problem solving skills, good teamwork spirit, strong commu
Experience: 1-2 years / college
Location: Chengdu
1. Responsible for the daily operation of the platform, including product promotion, release and update;
2. Responsible for collecting and analyzing market intelligence and competitors' status, analyzing keywords of products, and formulating marketing strategies;
3. Respond promptly, answer customer's questions or consultations and improve customer satisfaction;
4. Regularly collect sales data, promptly feedback product sales information to superiors and propose effective sales plans and recommendations;
5. Responsible for the management, classification, organization, documentation and storage of relevant documents and materials;
Job requirements:
1. Diligent and careful, have a strong sense of responsibility, aggressive, good team spirit;
2. College degree or above, overseas work and life experience is preferred, foreign language skills such as English are preferred;
3. 1-2 year experiences of international trade, foreign trade services or related experience in simil
Experience: 1-2 years / college
Location: Chengdu
1. Participate in the development and implementation of product marketing plan, and monitor and evaluate the marketing process;
2. Design, schedule, and implement daily theme activities of the platform;
3. Communicate, access, and upgrade our products and services.
Job requirements:
1. More than 3 year working experience in international trade, foreign trade services or enterprises or working on the sea;
2. Be curious about new things, insights and independent insights;
3. Overseas work and life experiences are preferred, and foreign language skills such as English are preferred.
Place of work: Block B, Tencent Building, Tianfu 3rd Street, Chengdu High-tech Zone