172+ countries, preferably local professional business translaters accompanying the whole process, crossing language barriers and boosting the internationalization of enterprises.
外贸通平台 贸易促成 数据定制 产经大数据
Expo Assistance
Intel Research
Business Translation
Native Language Vedio
Customer Maintenance
Trade Faciliation
Overseas Expo Assistance
Overseas Expo Assistance, Increase Business Opportunities.
Preferred overseas marketing talents with exhibition experience; Assist in matters related to the exhibition; Boost the exhibition process; Save participation costs.
Oversease On-site Expo Assistance
For Chinese companies with booths, we will provide exhibit preparation, booth layout, customer communication, on-site translation, and other services that need assistance at the exhibition site including gift advice, purchasing and delivery services.
Business Card Collection
Overseas local expo assistants go to designated exhibitions to collect information on exhibitors' business cards in relevant industries, and if necessary, can distribute Chinese customer's materials to designated booths.
Overseas local expo picture
Overseas Intel Research
Finding the right market and the right person, you can do more with less.
When you can't find the key contact information of the target company overseas; Evaluate the real business status of the target company and the trading strength; Do not understand the target market product style or user preferences, etc. We use local resources and methods to collect information, research data on the ground, and make the information more accurate and reduce the time and travel costs.
Purchasing Manager Research
Contact information (telephone, mail) of the key person (purchasing person in charge) of the target company is obtained through overseas local people.
Overseas Intel Research
As per customer's needs, through the form of field visit, obtain the public information of the visited destination: such as investigating the authenticity of the target customer's business site...
Customize Overseas Market Research
know the enemy and know yourself, you'll fight a hundred battles without defeat. Target Market Research to let enterprises know more about markets, competitors and customers.
Overseas Business Translation
Overseas localized marketing services to solve the problem of lack of overseas local talents
IWORKU, a subsidiary of Tendata, integrates local talents from more than 172+ countries to help foreign trade
Overseas Visit Translation
Expo On-site Interpretation
Conference Interpretation
On-site Interpretation
Foreign Native Language Vedio Making
Can Customers Really Understand Your Marketing Vedio?
English explanation, English dubbing and English subtitles, just like finishing touches, can instantly highlight product features, and allow potential customers to naturally create a sense of identity, thus start the inquiry.
Enterprise Video
Enterprise Introduction, Brand Promotional Vedio, One-Stop Quality Service.
Product Video
Product introduction, open-box display and usage video to give users a more comprehensive understanding of product information.
Multi Language Dubbing
Dubbing and Translation Services in More than 100 Languages
Other Promotional Videos
Customize upon Request

The era of video marketing has come, making multi-language marketing videos for more accurate overseas traffic.
Overseas Customer Relationship Maintenance
Developing 10 new customers is not as good as maintaining 1 old customer
Regular Customers Lost Contact · Language Barriers · Poor Communication · Difficult to Establish Trust· Holiday Gifts Delivery
Customer Relationship Maintenance
IWORKU overseas local talents represent Chinese companies to visit customers on the spot, and face-to-face communication with customers to understand pre-sales and after-sales information and other information to enhance mutual understanding and trust. Gift delivery services are also available, including gift advice, purchasing and delivery services.
Overseas Cummunication Assistance
IWORKU overseas local talents represent Chinese companies assist Chinese companies to fully communicate with buyers through telephone communication, etc.to find obstacles affecting cooperation, and enhance trust.
Overseas Trade Facilitation Service
Let all SMEs have opportunities to achieve overseas localization.
Tendata and its subsidiary IWORKU select local professionals to directly provide guaranteed localized trade facilitation services to help companies solve communication and marketing difficulties caused by cross-border and cultural differences, so that all SMEs have the opportunity to achieve global localization. .
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P2P Overseas Invitation Service
A visit is better than thousands of emails; A confident negociation is better than a simply visit.

Order oriented, we use the data support of Tendata to help our customers to sort out their competitiveness. Based on IWORKU's huge overseas talent pool, we help customers develop their markets actively through overseas localization services, and faciliate the point-to-point trade.Our Service covers 172+ countries with selected 40,000+ overseas talents to increase the efficiency of invitations by 10 times.

Vedio of $200,000 Order
Here is a home decoration company in Qingdao using Tendata's data to analyze and screen to understand the background of potential customers and help them successfully meet Venezuelan customers and finally win a large order of 200,000 dollars!
P2P USA Service Provider
Tendata IWORKU interviewed Michelle and talked about the experience of Tendata's teamwork, and highly praised and recognized our services.
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